Space Planning New Item Set-Up & Ongoing Item Maintenance




To document how the Exclusive Brands (EB) Team works with the Global Space Planning (GSP) Team for the purpose of ensuring timely and accurate product information flow for retail shelf planning purposes.



  • Buyers – Requests “unique” packaging samples for new item mockups.
  • Vendors – Sends unique packaging samples.


  • Packaging & Compliance Project Lead– Sends new item label artwork PDF files and spreadsheet detailing item information to GSP Team and routes unique packaging samples to GSP Team.
  • Global Space Planning Team – Uses SKU data, package PDF’s, and first production samples to create preliminary and final regional planograms (POGs).  Logs discontinued item updates from EB Logistics weekly updates.  Currently supports grocery, whole body, produce, specialty, seafood, meat, bakery and some prepared foods departments.
  • Purchasing Assistant – Completes and compiles New Item Forms.






Rebrands or simple label updates with no change to primary display panel or unit dimensions do not require updates to GSP.



  • Planograms (POGs) – store shelf diagrams, which include product image place holders, unit dimensions and other pertinent data that illustrates the layout of products on a retail shelf.




  • Shelf Keeping Unit OR Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) – a distinct item (product) offered for retail sale.







5.1 Current or New Item Information

5.1.1 The GSP team needs completed New Item Set-Up Form for all new products, for UPC changes and for changes to packaging that results in a unit dimensions change of a particular SKU.

5.1.2 The Purchasing Assistant will complete and email the New Item Setup Forms to the Space Planning Analyst at the same time that this information is being emailed to the Global Grocery Admin.  See the New Item Approval & Set-Up Process P&P for additional details.

5.1.3 Current New Item Setup Forms are uploaded to EB SharePoint in the Category Reviews Section, in the folder for the corresponding fiscal year and month that the product is set to launch.

1 New item launches are generally not permitted in the key holiday months of November and December.


5.2 Planogram (POG) Creation

5.2.1 Within the Business Award, Buyers should request a sample of unique packaging for each sku.  For additional information, see the Documents Needed to Start a New Project P&P. Unique packaging samples go to the Project Lead to use for mock-ups and then consolidated delivery to the GSP Team.

5.2.2 Project Lead sends final new item label PDF files via web-based file sharing services to the GSP Team on or around the 1st of each month. Project Lead attaches the below spreadsheet to the PDF files email to GSP Team.



5.2.3 The GSP Team will use the label PDF files to create product placeholders for initial POG placement. In doing so, the GSP Team can have image place holders on POGs earlier in the process. When the placeholder items are loaded into the Space Planning Product Library, the regions will be able to produce planograms with the image of the placeholder product.

5.2.5 Following approval of first production, live product samples will be placed in the appropriate locations for the GSP Team to pick-up. There are three places where samples are placed in clear plastic bins labeled “Space Planning” in the test kitchen on the Plaza level; ambient, refrigerated, and frozen.

3 Ambient sample bin is located on the stainless steel table next to the windows in the back of the test kitchen. Refrigerated sample bin is on the top shelf of the cooler farthest from the windows. Frozen sample bin is on the top of the green shelf in the freezer closest to the windows.

5.2.6 Once the live product  image is available, the image of the mock up will be replaced with an image of the live product.


5.3 Discontinued Items

5.3.1 The Space Planning Analyst logs recently discontinued items when an item is listed on the Vendor Out of Stock – Discontinued Items Report sent out by EB Logistics on the Exclusive Brands Weekly Updates.  Only items that have been officially discontinued will be included in the list.


5.3.2 The Exclusive Brands Weekly Updates are archived on the Logistics SharePoint Site.






Title Department  

Approval Date

Executive Coordinator

Exclusive Brands 9/10/14

Team Leader

Packaging & Compliance


Coordinator Global Space Planning