Request for Proposal (RFP) Internal Review


To promote consistency of how & where documents are stored before and during a project.  To ensure all team members involved in a project will be able to access necessary documents.  To ensure all sub-teams complete necessary tasks prior to the Buyer awarding business.


    • Buyers / Associate Buyers – responsible for saving documents in appropriate folders
    • Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) Team  – access the folders to find the documents needed for projects
    • Product Developer – Reviews the Compliance Specs and conducts the roundtable discussions
    • Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS) –  Completes the facility risk assessment





A recap showing where to store particular documents for a project.


4.1  Any documents relating to a project are saved on the P:\ Drive, as well as uploaded into Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system.

4.1.1  Example:  P:\EBT RFP’s and new projects\Fiscal Year\Category\Project

4.1.2  Save all project documents in the Fiscal Year (FY) folder that the project is launching in, and name the folder according to the category hierarchy saved in the Category Responsibilities document on the Exclusive Brands SharePoint.



4.2  If a Request For Proposal (RFP) was sent out, there will be an RFP folder within the Project folder.

4.2.1 The RFP folder contains all the RFP documents that were sent to the bid participants.

4.2.2 As vendor bid submissions are received, a RFP Response folder is created and subsequent subfolders are set-up for each vendor participating in the bid.

4.2.3  Within each vendor folder, there are folders set-up for GFSS, IQ, and Procurement.   GFSS folder contains audits, corrective action plans (CAPs), supplier surveys and Hazardous Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) charts  IQ folder contains sample submission form, compliance specifications (spec), internal specs, certificates of analysis (C of A) and other technical supporting documents  Procurement folder contains the signed RFP letter and RFP bid sheet.





4.3  Once all documents have been received from the bid participants, i.e. IQ and GFSS documents, email the respective team members with a hyperlink to the appropriate folders on the P:\ Drive.

4.3.1 Email the SQA Team Leader, the Data Specialist/Analyst for SQA and the SQAS with a link to the GFSS folder, which includes the facility documents, plus a link to the internal specs. If there are multiple facilities associated with a project, set-up a separate sub-folder for each facility within the GFSS folder. Reference the Email for Requesting a Risk Assessment template to ensure you are including all pertinent information when requesting a risk assessment.  Refer to P&P “Email Templates” for additional information.

4 Reference the SQA FRA Checklist Document to ensure all documents have been collected for the SQA to complete the facility risk assessment.



4.3.2 Email the Product Developer with a link to the IQ folder, which includes the compliance specs, internal specs and claims review. Once all RFP samples have been received, email the Product Developer and cc the Testing Analyst to set-up a roundtable discussion. Reference the Email for Requesting a Roundtable Discussion template to ensure you are including all pertinent information when requesting a roundtable discussion.  Refer to P&P “Email Templates” for additional information.


4.3.3 In the emails give an overview of the project as well as a due date for them to complete their evaluation by. It usually takes 1 week for the SQA team to complete their risk assessment, but this can vary depending on the number of facilities that need to be reviewed.  Provisionally approved facilities will require follow-up and can include an on-site visit. It usually takes 1 week for the IQ team to complete their evaluation, but this can vary depending on the number of items that need to be evaluated.


4.4  Once business is awarded, create a Business Award folder within the Project folder.

4.4.1 Create subsequent subfolders for the vendors that are being awarded business.

4.4.2 Within the Vendor folder create subsequent subfolders for IQ, Procurement, and Compliance. A GFSS folder isn’t needed as all GFSS documents were received during the RFP.

4.4.3 IQ Folder contains compliance specs, internal specs and C of A. IQ documents might not be needed if all documents were received during the RFP and no formula changes were made.

4.4.4 Procurement Folder contains the Bid Sheet_Private Label Order Guide (PLOG), the Global New Item Setup Form (contains space planning info) and the W-9.

4.4.5 Compliance folder contains Printer Specification form, die lines and high resolution images.



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