Promotions – Monthly Grocery Requests



Promotions are used to highlight items.


  • Buyers- Confirms the items that are on the Promo Submission Form.
  • Global Grocery Promotions Buyer- Suggested items for the Monthly Promo. Creates Promo Sub form and sends to the Purchasing Assistant. Collect and

organizes all of the items submitted on the Grocery team.

  • Logistics Team Leader- Communicates to the vendors that the items will be highlighted to ensure there are no ordering issues.
  • Purchasing Assistant- Organizes all of the information, and submits the forms chosen for approval.






4.1 The Global Grocery Promotions Buyer creates Promo Sub Forms for each monthly Promotion and sends to the Purchasing Assistant.

4.1.1 The Purchasing Assistant collects all Promo Sub Forms for that month and sends to each appropriate buyer to confirm and get any necessary  information on each item.

4.1.2 Once each Buyer confirms the promo, the Purchasing Assistant enters in all item information. This information can be found on the PLOG forms. Items that need to be filled in (Paste as Values Only):

      • Manufacturer/Company (column A)
      • Promo Month (column B)
      • Promo Period (column C)
      • Promo Type (column L)
      • Promo Level (column M)
      • Family (column O)
      • Category (column P)
      • Product Line Description (column R)
      • Comments (column S)
      • UPC (column U)
      • Item Description (column V)
      • Item Order# (column W)
      • Case Size (column X)
      • Size (column Y)
      • UOM (column Z)
      • Pallet (Y/N) (column AA)
      • Ti/Hi (column AB)
      • Pallets per Truckload (column AC)
      • Distribution Type (column AP)
      • Vendor/Broker (column AQ)
      • Authorized By (column AR)
      • Vendor/Broker (column AS)
      • Authorization Email (column AT)
      • Vendor/Broker (column AU)
      • Authorization Phone (column AV)



4.1.3 Once the Promo Sub Form is complete, the Purchasing Assistant will send back to Global Grocery Promotions Buyer and CC the appropriate buyer. The Purchasing Assistant will file completed Promo Sub Forms on the P:Drive here by year>> month. The Purchasing Assistant is now able to change the title of the Promo Sub form to include the item and promo Month. This makes it easier to find later on (see screenshot below).



4.1.4 Once the Promo Sub Forms are confirmed by the Global Promotions Buyer, The Global Promotions Buyer will send confirmation emails to the Purchasing Assistant and CC the appropriate buyer. The Purchasing Assistant will file the email and keep for any follow up. The Global Promotions Buyer will then enter it into the system and create the “Exclusive Brands Consolidated Pre-orders with rounded pallet qties” document and will

Send to the entire Exclusive Brands Team, including Logistics (see screen shot below for the document). The buyer will review the confirmations as soon as possible to let grocery know about any changes or cancelled promotions.



4.1.5 Once Final Confirmation is received from the Global Promotions Buyer the Purchasing Assistant will forward the confirmations of distributed items to the Logistics TL. The Logistics TL will notify the Vendors that their distributed items have been chosen to be put on Promotion to ensure there will not be any out of stocks. Vendors with direct to store items will receive this confirmation from the buyer.







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Exclusive Brands

Team Leader


Global Grocery Buyer