Promotions – FY or Quarterly Submissions


Promotions are used to highlight items.


  • Buyers- Choose what items should be highlighted and send to the item list to the Purchasing Assistant.
  • Global Grocery Buyer- Looks through all of the items submitted, and chooses what items will be highlighted.
  • Global Promotions Buyer- Chooses what items will be featured for Promotion.
  • Promotions Specialist- organizes all of the items submitted
  • Logistics Team Leader- Communicates to the vendors that the items will be highlighted to ensure there are no ordering issues.
  • Purchasing Assistant- Organizes all of the information, and submits the forms chosen for approval.






4.1 Have yearly meeting set up by the Purchasing Assistant in FP7 to decide on what categories should featured throughout the fiscal year. Or present the quarterly spreadsheet in the Monday buyer’s meeting, 6 months before the quarter begins.

4.1.1 Decisions on what subcategories will be featured will be made based on movement in past promotions, holidays, and month themes (i.e. Non-GMO month)

4.1.2 The Purchasing Assistant organizes all of the information onto the Promo Planner of that Fiscal year/quarter. All Promo Templates can be found in here:



4.1.3 Once the Promo Planner is complete, the Purchasing Assistant will send out the Promo Pre-Planning Templates to all of the Buyers to fill out the exact skus wanted to be featured by the buyer. Once the Buyers have filled out the exact SKUs that they would like to feature in the respective months on the Promo Pre-Planning Template, the Buyers send the forms back to the Purchasing Assistant. Under the “Item Description” the events should be listed, and not each SKU. For example: “Frozen Samosas 2 SKUs” The Purchasing Assistant consolidates all of the forms received from the Buyers into one form.


4.1.4 Using the filled out Promo Pre-Planning form, the Purchasing Assistant completes the three Planning Grids, separating 365, Engine 2, and WFM.

2 Once the Planning Grids are completed by the buyers, the Purchasing Assistant sends the forms to the Global Grocery Promotions Specialist and/or Promotions Buyer for approval. The Global Promotion Specialist sends back the individual forms of the items chosen to the Purchasing Assistant. The Purchasing Assistant fills out all of the individual forms, and sends them back to the Global Grocery Promotions Specialist.

3  All of the previous forms that have been done are saved here by Year>> Month:



4.1.5 Once Final Confirmation is received from the Global Promotions Buyer the Purchasing Assistant will forward the confirmations of distributed items to the Logistics TL. The Logistics TL will notify the Vendors that their distributed items have been chosen to be put on Promotion to ensure there will not be any out of stocks. Vendors with direct to store items will receive this confirmation from the buyer.


Title Department Approval Date
Executive Coordinator Exclusive Brands
Team Leader Logistics
Global Grocery Buyer Grocery