Promo Planner Buyer Submission Form


To review and explain the functionality and proper, consistent usage of the Promotional Planner Submission Form

As an overview, the EB Promo Planner Submission Form is the document that is used to store all Off Shelf, TPRs, National Promos, Digital Coupons and Whole Deal EB submissions in one central location.


    • Buyer/Associate Buyer – Completes the “EB Promo Planner Master Buyer Submission Form” and sends to the Gatekeeper of the “EB Promo Planner Master” Form i.e. Data Analyst
    • Data Analyst- (Gatekeeper).  Inputs the Buyers submissions onto the “EB Promo Planner Master FY_Q_”
    • Logistics- Communicates to supplier when promos have been approved by Global Grocery.





4.1  EB Promo Planner Master Buyer Submission Template

4.1.1 You can find the template for this document in the location on the P: drive as shown in the image below.


4.2  Naming Convention

4.2.1 Use the naming conventions below when completing the submission form. 365 Promo Planner Submission Form_Buyers Name_FY_Q or WFM Promo Planner Submission Form_Buyers Name_FY_Q_


4.3   Explanation of the Form

4.3.1 The Buyer is responsible for completing all fields in green

4.3.2 The Promo Period and Promo Dates can be referenced on the “FY 16 Promo Calendar” Tab that is included in Buyer Submission Form.

4.3.3 When inputting the UPC, include “000” and then the 10 digit UPC found on the PLOG.

4.3.4 Reference the PLOG for Regular Retail, Current Cost and Current GM%

4.3.5 Weekly Movement and the Projected Lift columns will need to be completed. Weekly movement is at the Buyers Discretion i.e. 12 weeks vs 52 weeks  If there is seasonality, that needs to be factored in when projecting weekly movement and lift %

4.3.6 After the promo has occurred, Data Analyst with then input Actual Movement


4.3.7 Once promo has been determined as Off Shelf, TPR, National, Digital or Whole Deal the Scanback $ off, Scanback % off, Scanback off invoice %/$ and Vendor Funding Fields will auto populate.  Some promos will participate in more than one promotional vehicle.  Place an “x” in all pertaining promotional vehicles.



4.3.8 Once Buyer has completed the necessary fields, email Data Analyst, CC Purchasing Assistant and Yourself





Approval Date

Executive Coordinator

Exclusive Brands

Team Leader