Label Reprint Approval Process


 To create a consistent method for managing label reprint approvals for Exclusive Brands (EB) items.


  • EB Buyer/Associate Buyer – Approves or disapproves label reprint approval requests from vendors.
  • Packaging & Compliance Project Lead – Manages the reprint approval alias, sends official reprint approval or disapproval emails, tracks reprint approvals, and ensures vendors are participating in the process.
  • Product Developer – Sends out the first production or redesign requirements to the vendor and tracks completion of requirements.
  • Vendor – Emails label reprint approval requests and current version of labels to be reprinted to label reprint approval alias.
  • Exclusive Brands Executive Coordinator (EC) – Approves or disapproves vendors from participating in the label reprint approval process.


  • If a vendor does not want to participate in the label reprint approval process, the request must be approved by the Exclusive Brands EC.
  • Label reprint approval process is not required for Seasonal In/Out Items.



4.1 Vendor is notified of the label reprint approval process.

4.1.1 Vendor is made aware of the label reprint approval process in the Request for Proposal (RFP) Letter.

4.1.2 Vendor is reminded of the label reprint approval process in the first production or redesign requirements that are sent out by the Product Developer.

4.1.3  After Product Developer sends an email notification that all first production or redesign requirements have been met for a project, the Packaging & Compliance Project Lead emails the vendor reminding them to submit future reprint requests to the alias.


4.2 Vendor submits label reprint request for approval.

4.2.1 Vendor emails label reprint approval requests to the reprint approval alias: label.approval@wholefoods.com

4.2.2 Label reprint approvals should include the below information: The current version (PDF) of the label or package to be reprinted.  PDFs larger then 8mb cannot be received.  Please separate PDFs into multiple emails or upload to a file share site and provide a link to download. The quantity of packaging intended to be reprinted for each item, including the quantity in terms of weeks on hand.

4.2.3 All requests will be answered within 5 business.

4.2.4 A request to reprint should not include any product or packaging changes.

4.2.5 Label reprint approval email example:


Please see below and attached reprint request for your approval.

 Product Name SKU Item to be Printed* Current On Hand Inventory of boxes  (in cases) Amount of Open Orders (in cases) Amount of Boxes Left After Open Orders Are filled (in cases) Amount To Reprint (in cases) Amount Left After Open Orders and Reprint       (in cases) Estimated Weeks to Use Up Remaining Stock      (in cases)**
Capellini organic 9948243110 Box 5,208 2,240 2,968 1,400 4,368 13
Fettuccine organic 9948243111 Box 4,460 1,680 2,780 700 3,480 13
Linguine organic 9948243174 Box 5,438 1,600 3,321 1,050 4,371 13
Spaghetti organic 9948243173 Box 4,584 2,880 7,241 1,050 8,291 12
WW Linguine organic 9948241089 Box 4,921 1,040 2,297 1,050 3,347 14
WW Spaghetti organic 9948241088 Box 6,895 1,520 3,033 1,050 4,083 13
Penne rigate organic 9948243175 Box 10,121 2,250 4,645 2,000 6,645 13
WW Penne rigate organic 9948241090 Box 4,056 1,710 3,192 2,000 5,192 17
Fusilli organic 9948243176 Box 3,602 1,455 3,983 1,760 5,743 15
Shells organic 9948243114 Box 3,337 1,515 3,996 220 4,216 14
Farfalle organic 9948243177 Box 4,039 1,965 2,074 2,000 4,074 15
Orzo organic 9948243112 Box 3,762 1,645 2,117 2,000 4,117 16

Artwork Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3qxat4ckk2fubht/AACIJc3-RwPKRuJK4prJeVqua?dl=0


4.3 Label reprint approval request received.

4.3.1 Packaging & Compliance Project Lead receives the reprint approval request from the email alias.

4.3.2 Packaging & Compliance Project Lead reviews the PDF and makes sure it is the most current version of the label.

4.3.3 Packaging & Compliance Project Lead forwards the request on to the Buyer for review and approval.


4.4 Label reprint approval reviewed.

4.4.1 Packaging & Compliance Project Lead alerts Buyer of label reprint approval request by forwarding email from supplier to Buyer for review and approval.

4.4.2 Buyer compares the label quantity requested verses the current annual movement found in data cubes or in the vendor report to ensure it is about 90 days’ worth of inventory. If it is more than 90 days’ worth of inventory, Buyer will note that Whole Foods Market (WFM) is only responsible for 90 days’ worth of packaging. Buyer emails their approval or disapproval to label.approval@wholefoods.com, not to the vendor. Packaging & Compliance Project Lead emails the approval or disapproval communication to the vendor via the label reprint approval alias.






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